The Safest Neighborhoods to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing city to visit in Thailand. However, it isn’t necessarily always the safest city, so you do have to be careful. If you’re traveling by yourself or are just a little nervous regardless, here are some neighborhoods where you can definitely feel safe in.


Banglamphu is a major tourist area since there are a ton of popular attractions to visit like the Grand Palace, the Giant Swing, and more. During the day it’s great to visit there, and even at night, the scene is pretty cool and definitely safe for tourists!


Sukhumvit is one of the best areas in Bangkok for going out as there is a bumping nightlife there. This is one of the safer areas if you want to go to a bar or club, but just beware that the side streets aren’t as clean or nice, though they’re not dangerous.


This area of Bangkok has a really 24-hour market that you can’t miss out on! Also, since it’s always full of people, you know that it’s a safe place to be. There’s also a large police presence there so you can feel reassured by that as well.