How to Hail a Taxi In Three Tricky Destinations

Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash

Visiting a new city and not sure how to hail a taxi in the street? Here are some tips that would make it easier.

Belfast, Ireland

Going for a night out in the Northern Irish capital? Keep this in mind: you cannot hail a taxi in Belfast. To find a taxi, either get a phone number for a taxi operator or walk over to one of the taxi stations, where a public phone is available to call a cab.

Tokyo Japan

In a city that’s not cheap, a taxi might not be the first choice, but if you decide to go for it, find a taxi queue near any famous site, and pick a taxi with a green license plate. They are vacant if their dashboard sign is red. Confusing, right? Welcome to Tokyo!

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a hectic city, and it might be confusing to decide how to get about it. If you decide to hail a taxi, it’s good to remember a few things: avoid getting stuck on the side of the road; try to pick a newer-looking vehicle; always agree on the price in advance after a short negotiation, including who pays any tolls that might happen on the way.