Amazing Ice Hotels Around the World

Winter can be tough in cold countries, and while many people dream of sunny, summer days, others embrace the cold and make the most of it. Ice hotels are one of those incredible winter creations and here are a few of the best ones from around the world.

Kirkenes Snowhotel|Norway

This is one of the coolest ice hotels in the world, partly because it is also the most northern one. Located on the border of Finland and Russia, it is harder to find a better location for the view of the northern lights. This arctic themed hotel invites ice sculptors from all over the world to build their ice rooms every winter.

Hotel de Glace|Quebec City, Canada

Perhaps the most famous upscale ice hotel due to its “easier” location to get to, right outside of Quebec City. The famous tube slide made entirely of ice and the hot tub under the stars are some of the unique experiences that make Hotel de Glace one of the coolest winter destinations.


Home to the original ice bar and some of the best ice sculptures in the world, the Icehotel attracts over 50,000 people every winter. Each room is designed differently and the artists take over 10,000 tons of frozen water to design this incredible hotel. Tropical jungles, Gothic arches, and the inside of red bell pepper are some of the designs made completely out of ice!