How to Conquer a Long Bus Trip

Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

Buses are a great mode of transportation within cities and on longer routes instead of planes. Not only are they a lot more eco-friendly by putting out less CO2 into the air, but they’re usually significantly cheaper than flying.

However, the catch is that they usually take much longer since you’re physically driving and making stops. But, if you have an upcoming bus trip and you’re worried about whether you’ll make it out alive or not, follow this guide!


If you’re going to be on a bus for several hours, you need to bring lots of things to do. Think books, Netflix, podcasts, and anything else that can occupy your mind for multiple hours.


It’s vital that you bring your own snacks and water with you since you might not be stopping long enough for you to leave the bus and buy something. Even if it does stop, you don’t want to use that time waiting on line at a gas station McDonald’s.


When you do make stops, make sure you get off the bus every time. Not only is it vital to get the fresh air, but you should do some exercises like jumping jacks or at least stretches to keep the blood flowing.