“Hotels of Pyongyang” Shows Another Side of the North Korean Capital

Monument to Party Founding, Pyongyang, North Korea. Photo by Steve Barker on Unsplash

Hotels of Pyongyang, a new book written by James Scullin with photos by Nicole Reed, shows the unexpectedly colorful accommodation available in the capital of North Korea.

Scullin has visited North Korea eight times so far and hotels have always been the best part of his trips. Hotels are also the only place where you can get to know the locals so they are much more important than it looks. He recently wrote a book titled Hotels of Pyongyang that features photographs by Nicole Reed and shows the reader this incredible, isolated part of the world.

Scullin’s first visit to North Korea was a part of an approved tour group. He then started leading similar trips and got more and more familiar with the city of Pyongyang. He noticed other hotels in the city and wanted to explore them further.

In such a peculiar country, hotels are one of the only ways to show the local culture to foreigners. It’s crazy to think about, but this isolated country has some of the most beautiful hotels you’ll ever see.

Photographer Reed noticed one odd thing—she couldn’t find coffee anywhere but in the hotel cafes. This made her like the hotels even more. She took plenty of photos of people who work in hotels and managed to capture them in the best possible way.