Hop On These Unique Trains in Japan

Train in Japan
Photo by Liam Burnett-Blue on Unsplash

Train travel is super common in Japan where it is viewed as a quick and comfortable way to get where you’re going. In true Japanese fashion, they try to make the journey a one-of-a-kind experience. Drawing on inspiration from some of their best-known characters, these trains are on the right track. 

Hello Kitty

Say a big hello to the cutest bullet train in the world. If you’re traveling between Fukoka and Osaka, you will come across a bright pink member of the Shinkansen system that is inspired by Japan’s very own Hello Kitty. The sweet little cat has been around since 1974 and is today worth an outrageous $89 billion!


Anpanman is not as famous in the west as some other anime characters, but is big in Japan. The character is inspired by an anpan, a sweet bun usually filled with red bean paste, and each episode seems him protecting the world from his germ nemesis, Baikinman. The five trains in Shikoku feature Anpanman, Baikinman, Jam Ojisan, Currypanman, and Shokupanman.

Pokémon with You

If you choose Pikachu, this is the train for you! Found in Tohoku, the bright yellow carriages are adorned with all kinds of props celebrating everyone’s favorite Pokèmon character. Tickets for this ride sell out super fast, so be sure to catch ‘em all!