Will Layering Clothes Really Help You Avoid Paying Extra Baggage Fees?

Photo by Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

The list of viral hacks you can use to avoid paying extra baggage fees is pretty much endless, and layering clothes is among the most popular. If you’re considering wearing extra layers of clothing to make extra room in your luggage, here are a few things worth taking into consideration.

Zero Comfort

Going through airport security and enduring long flights isn’t exactly a cozy experience, and your comfort will take an even bigger hit if you decide to wear extra layers of clothing. You might dodge pricy baggage fees, but even the simplest activities such as sitting down and walking will feel like a nightmare in this state.

Heavy Weight

Layering clothing is a hack worth trying if you’re attempting to free up room in your suitcase, but it’s not as effective if your goal is to avoid weight limits. Clothes are generally lightweight, so try to leave some of the heavier items at home or stash them inside your pockets to decrease the weight of your suitcase or bag.

Dress Code Concerns

This hack is so popular with budget-friendly travelers that many airlines have dress code rules against it these days. Your outfit could raise some eyebrows and be considered as inappropriate if it’s too bulky, so try to wear a reasonable number of layers so you wouldn’t be asked to remove them.


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