Here’s Why You Should Visit Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Photo by Tomas Horak on Unsplash

Plitvice Lakes is the biggest and oldest national park in Croatia and also happens to be one of the most picturesque spots in the whole of Europe. The UNESCO protected site boasts over 73,000 km of natural beauty.

In total, there are 16 lakes at the location and these are separated by mountains and waterfalls. When you enter the park, you are offered a choice of hiking routes you can take. Of course, you’re welcome to go your own way but taking a planned out route is the best way to get to see the park’s highlights in the time you have.

On the 4km route, visitors are welcome on board a boat ride across the lake which offers stunning views and takes you to a dreamy picnic location. If you take this route, you will take a shuttle bus back to the entrance which means you get to see a lot more of the park and won’t have to do a complete circle by foot. The boat ride and shuttle are included in the park ticket price.

You can get to the lakes from Zagreb in a couple of hours by bus. If you’re heading to Croatia, Plitvice really is a must-see.