Healing Spots for When You Have Wellness on Your Mind

Dead Sea, Israel
Dead Sea, Israel. Photo by Robin Moore on Unsplash

People travel for different reasons. Some do it to explore, others do it to see loved ones, and some go because they need a little rejuvenation. If you identify most with the latter, then you need to visit these spots which are renowned for their healing properties. 

Healing Hole, The Bahamas

Magnesium, lithium, and sulfur are all minerals that help our bodies to function at their best. And they can all be found in a freshwater lake hidden amid the mangroves in Bimini. Accessible only by boat, it is called the Healing Hole. The name says it all, doesn’t it?

Dead Sea, Israel

At more than 1,400 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea—or Sea of Salt, as it is known by the locals—is the lowest place on earth. Almost ten times saltier than the ocean, it is possible to float in its waters which are known to relieve arthritis and muscle aches. The mud from the Dead Sea is also fantastic for skin conditions like psoriasis. One piece of advice, though: don’t go in the water if you have a cut as all that salt will make it sting!

Yakushima Island, Japan

The Japanese have a concept called shinrin-yoku, AKA “forest bathing”. It involves relaxing in a forest, with none of life’s daily distractions, for the sake of one’s wellness. The forest on Yakushima Island is the perfect place to stroll and just forget about the world. With its breathtaking waterfalls and collection of cedar trees (including the oldest and largest one in the world), it is easy to understand why it served as the inspiration for Princess Mononoke.