Great Sculptures That Will Bring You Good Fortune

With so many statues everywhere you go, it’s rather rare to see one that truly stands out. The following sculptures are pretty special since they are believed to bring love, joy, and happiness to everyone who touches them. 

Kiskiralylany (Little Princess) | Budapest, Hungary  

Laszlo Marton made this statue as an homage for his daughter, who liked to dress up like a princess with her bathrobe and newspaper crown. The legend says that if you touch the girl’s knees, you will receive an endless amount of happiness! 

Il Porcellino | Florence, Italy  

Near the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence, you can find a hollow sculpture of a pig, and it’s one of the cutes things you will ever see. Visitors often put a coin in the pig’s mouth, make a wish, take the coin back and pet the pig’s nose. By doing this, it is said that their wish will become a reality in 5 years.  

El Caballero de Paris | Havana, Cuba   

This statue has been inspired by a man called Jose Maria Polez Chedin, a gentleman from Paris who often walked the streets of Havana in the 20th century. According to legend, if you touch his chin and make a wish, the wish will come true.