5 Cities to Visit in 2020 If You’re a Foodie

Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash

Culinary travel can be a lot of fun, and if you’re not sure which location to pick next, here are our top 5 suggestions.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is unofficially the capital of the world when it comes to plant-based food. Since veganism is on the rise, we can see more and more people exploring the city and everything it has to offer in terms of cuisine.

Galway, Ireland

Galway is a city in Ireland that’s been chosen as the European Capital of Culture 2020, and it got our attention. We learned that Galway actually has an amazing gastronomical culture and we highly recommend exploring it if you have a chance.

Houston, Texas

Houston is a city where you can try a huge number of intercultural dishes, from American to Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, and many more. 

Cádiz, Spain

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Spanish city and Cádiz, located south of Seville in the Andalusia region, is our choice. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood, amazing wine, and many other delicacies typical for this region.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has been generating a lot of buzz lately. The city is a perfect choice for anyone who loves a cheesy, carb-y adventure filled with hearty dishes.