Great Fall Festivals Around the World

Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico
Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash

Fall is a great time all over the world, but it does look different everywhere. And while in America we have Halloween festivals to get us in the season’s spirit, in other countries, there are lots of other traditions that are celebrated around this time. Here are some of the most interesting festivals from around the world that happen each fall.

Boun Ok Phansa Festival, Laos

Celebrated in late October as the day when monks would traditionally return to daily life after having fasted for the three months prior, this beautiful festival in Laos’s capital includes a night of releasing lit paper lanterns, candles, paper boats, and flowers onto the Mekong River along with prayers. The next day is a boat race on the same river which people come to see from all over the country.

Day of the Dead, Mexico

You’ve most likely heard of this festival especially if you saw the not-so-recent Pixar movie Coco, but you may not realize that you can go experience the culture-melding festivities for yourself. The best place to go to view this mixture of Aztec and European tradition is Oaxaca, where the most exciting festivities take place.

Pirates Week Festival, Cayman Islands

If you loved Pirates of the Caribbean or had your Facebook language set to “English (Pirate)” at any point, you might want to head to Georgetown in November to experience the weeklong Pirates Festival. You can dress up like a pirate, talk like a pirate, and drink like a pirate to your heart’s content!