Best Places to Visit if You’re Interested in Witchcraft

Witch towns
Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

October is upon us, the month of Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve or Samhain as you may call it). And if you’re a Wiccan, a witch, or just a super enthusiastic Harry Potter fan, you may be interested in taking this time to visit one of the following witchy places. Check them out below.

Salem, Massachussetts

Perhaps the top destination for witch enthusiasts, Salem, Massachusetts, former home of the Salem witch trials, has since embraced its witchy reputation and now offers multiple witch museums, witchy tours, cemeteries, and locations used for filming the classic Halloween film Hocus Pocus. Even the local high school is in on it, given that their mascot is the Witches.

La Paz, Bolivia

An absolute must-visit for all witches, La Paz is home to El Mercado de las Brujas and La Hechiceria (The Witches’ Market). Operated by witch doctors, this market sells ritualistic potions, plants, and offerings to goddesses.

Triora, Italy

Often called the Town of Witches or the Salem of Europe, Triora is where the final witch trials happened in Italy. Today, it offers several spooky attractions, museums, tours, and events like the yearly summer witchcraft festival and a big Halloween celebration.