Four Places You Must See in the Amazon Rainforest

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

If there is one natural destination on the continent of South America that is world-renowned, it has to be the Amazon Rainforest. Bisected by a massive river and hosting a wide variety of plant and animal life, this is a place you must see!

Here are four destinations in four countries that you have to check out to see the Amazon.

Yasuni National Park: Ecuador

The Yasuni National Park in far eastern Ecuador is considered the most biodiverse place on Earth. Here, you can see animals such as toucans and caimans as well as enjoy the spectacular views of the imposing forest.

Madidi National Park: Bolivia

This park, located in the southern region of the Amazon rainforest, hosts a surprising variety of biomes. Here, you can see the mountainous region in which Amazon’s tributaries are born. Can you imagine packing a jacket to see the Amazon rainforest?!

Manaus, Brazil

The Amazon rainforest’s biggest city is Manaus, Brazil. In addition to being a vibrant and unique city, you can use Manaus as a starting point for boat trips throughout the forest.

The Colombian Amazon

Located in the far south of the country of Colombia is a small swatch of the Amazon rainforest. This region is warm and steamy and hosts a wide variety of jungle landscapes to explore the region’s nature.