Fans of Classic Architecture Have to See These Buildings in San Francisco

The Palace Of Fine Arts, San Francisco. Photo by sterlinglanier Lanier on Unsplash

San Francisco is home to many wonders of modern architecture you can’t find anywhere else in the world, but you won’t be disappointed by it if you enjoy classic architecture more—as long as you put these three buildings on your travel itinerary.

The Palace Of Fine Arts

Built in the ancient Greco-Roman style, this architectural marvel is supposed to evoke the decaying ruins of ancient Rome. Built around a small lagoon, it consists of a beautiful rotunda and colonnades, and it now hosts cultural events.

Legion of Honor

A home to Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, this building overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge, and it’s marvelous both inside and out. Its courtyard is framed with classical columns, but the real magic happens when you step inside and discover ancient and European art hiding within.

Grace Cathedral

This Gothic cathedral is San Francisco’s most astonishing building of its kind, and not only because of its impressive exterior. It’s also home to mosaics, stained glass windows, two labyrinths, Ghiberti doors, and a beautiful altarpiece that will take your breath away.