Explore Iceland’s Volcanic Roots

Erupting volcano in Iceland
Photo by Ása Steinarsdóttir on Unsplash

One of the most unique things you will find on the island of Iceland are the volcanic features that make this land one of “fire and Ice.” With several dormant and active volcanoes and plenty of volcanic activity dominating its landscape, this is one of the most fascinating things to explore while in Iceland! Here are three spots that you should check out to see this in action.


Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Geldingadalur is an active tuya-style volcano that has been seeing fissures open and lava spew out consistently over the past decade or so. Visiting this spot with a guide can be an exhilarating experience where you can see this phenomenon up close.


This dormant volcano might be hard to pronounce, but it’s one of the national symbols of Iceland and a place that you must see. Covered with snow and a small glacier, this peak can often be seen from the capital of Reykjavik and can be hiked in about 5-6 hours.


Askja is located in central Iceland and is an active volcano that last exploded in the late 19th century. Despite its situation in a relatively arid, cold place, volcanic crater lakes dominate the landscape of this eerie, moon-like geological formation.