Essential Items to Take on Your Next Ski Trip

Ski trip
Photo by Steven Taylor on Unsplash

From adrenaline-racing slopes to luxurious hotels, spas, and of course, charming ski resort villages, a ski trip truly can prove to be the ultimate vacation experience. Still, you’ll need to get the right equipment in order to truly make the most of it. Here are some essential items that you should get your hands on before your next ski trip.

Patagonia Insulated Powder Town Jacket

While a jacket to combat the cold weather is vital, you’ll also want one that offers sufficient physical protection against ice and snow. This Patagonia jacket does both, with its two-layer shell of waterproof protection.

Sorel Explorer Boots

When you’re not on the slopes, you’ll probably want to do your fair share of exploring around the ski resort. In that case, these waterproof Sorel Explorer Boots will serve you well in terms of both comfort and durability in tough weather conditions.

Hestra Fall Line Gloves

In addition to keeping your hands warm, ski gloves also need to provide dexterity so that you can perform at your best. These Hestra gloves come with outseam stitchwork and removable polyester liners, giving you comfort and flexibility.