Donuts at This Serbian Shop Are Delicious and Instagram Friendly

Burek, sarma, and pljeskavice – these are some of the traditional foods people will tell you to try during your trip to Serbia, but did you know this country is also home to some of the most delicious donuts in the world?

If you’re a passionate tourist who enjoys sweet treats, you should definitely pay a visit to Slatkoteka during your visit to this European country. It’s one of Serbia’s most popular dessert stores, and it started a true craze for colorful donuts in this country.

Slatkoteka doesn’t only deserve a visit because it serves some of the most delicious donuts you’ll ever get to try. Its pastel-colored interior is a heaven on Earth if you’re looking for a place to snap some great Instagram pics during your visit to Belgrade.

If you’re not a huge fan of donuts, Slatkoteka is still worthy of your time. It has several equally delicious items on the menu, including cupcakes and “salty donuts” for everyone who’s not in the mood for their sweet delights.

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