Don’t Miss These Italian Wine Regions

A winery in Tuscany, Italy
Photo by Sangia on Unsplash

There is no doubt that Italy is an incredibly attractive destination for wine lovers. This southern European country boasts one of the most comprehensive and prestigious collections of vineyards in the entire world, and the number of possibilities for wine-centric trips is endless. Consider these three iconic wine regions for your next trip to Italia!


The northeast corner of Italy hosts the Veneto region, which is in close proximity to the city of Venice. You can find the best of it all at this crossroads between Southern and Central Europe, with fruity whites like Prosecco and Soave and bold reds such as Chianti and Corvina co-exist.


It’s hard to find a more prestigious and respected wine region than Piedmont in the foothills of the Alps in northwest Italy. Reds are the kings here, with tannin-rich Barolos and Barbarescos taking the cake as some of the region’s best.


You can’t talk about Italian wine without mentioning Tuscany, arguably the most famous wine region in the entire world. The hills of this north-central Italian region are dotted with spectacular vineyards that produce bold reds that everyone seems to fall in love with.