Creative Souvenir Collections That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Pressed flowers, travel souvenir
Photo by ceit wonders on Unsplash

If you feel like you’re spending a fortune on fridge magnets, key chains, and other popular travel souvenirs, it’s time to change your approach to chronicling travel memories. There are many souvenir collections that you can start without spending a dime, and here are some of the most creative ideas.

Museum Tickets

Are you a passionate museum lover and want to remember all the amazing places you’ve been to? Instead of throwing your museum tickets away, tape them in a nice notebook that will take you back in time once you open it.

Metro Tickets

Chances are you’ll often use public transportation during your travels. Your metro, train, and bus tickets don’t have to be thrown away since they can serve as a nice souvenir. You can also tape them inside a notebook, just like museum tickets.

Rock Collection

Collecting rocks from the places you’ve been to is completely free and it adds a personal touch to your souvenir collection. Make sure to mark them with the place where they’ve been found and come up with a fun way to display them.

Pressed Flowers

If you’re a huge nature lover, collecting pressed flowers and plants may be your cup of tea because it allows you to celebrate the botanical beauty of every country you’ve been to.