Check Out These Offbeat Places In Budapest

Budapest is commonly known as the most popular Eastern European city. It has a great history, architecture, and nightlife, and is safe and cheap as well. While most people like to visit the famous tourist sights, here are 3 lesser-known places in Budapest that are just as cool, but without the crowds!

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree

Located right across the street from the Kempinski hotel in downtown Budapest, there is a tree that has become a shrine to “The King of Pop.” Nobody is sure how it started, but Jackson used to stay at this hotel on his tours in Budapest, so perhaps it came about from the crowds of onlookers who would stand across the street trying to catch a glimpse of him. This DIY memorial is a cool place to stop for a picture and is right in the city center.

Last Remains of the Ghetto Wall

The more famous holocaust memorials such as The Shoes on the Danube Bank, and the courtyard of the Dohany St. Synagogue are much more frequently visited, but this is a quiet and lesser-known memorial.

It is located in the courtyard of 15 Kiraly Street, and while the entrance is locked, there are frequently people going in and out who will let you in. The small piece of the wall will give you a small, quiet glimpse of what life in the ghetto was like under Nazi occupation.

Red Ruin Bar

Budapest is known for its “ruin bars”, run-down, old houses that have been turned into multi-roomed, artistic bars and clubs. Most have creative writings or art on the walls. This one is unique as it is the only communist themed bar in the city. Old communist posters and paintings line the walls, with many being sarcastic and funny. It’s a great place for a drink and some laughs!