You Shouldn’t Leave Seoul Before Trying Old Ferry Donuts

Image via oldferrydonut/Instagram

If you’re a huge donut lover who also happens to be a passionate traveler, chances are you’re looking for the best places to try them all around the world. Seoul won’t leave you disappointed, as long as you check out Old Ferry Donut during your visit.

The donuts at this store may not look any different from any others you can find at similar Instagram-friendly shops around the world. What makes them unique is their delicious filling, and you’ll be quite satisfied with your pick after taking a bite.

Despite the fact they serve a wide range of donuts with many tasty fillings and colorful toppings, their most popular treat isn’t something you can order at any other donut store. Tiny Homer Simpson-inspired pink sprinkle donuts are served in a cup, floating on latte foam and you shouldn’t leave Old Ferry Donut without trying this signature treat.

If you’re not a huge donut fan, ice cream shop Salty Bob is located downstairs, and it should satisfy your cravings for something sweet, but most people enjoy checking out both joints because their desserts are equally tasty.