Canadian Bookstore Fosters Kittens and You Can Take One Home!

There’s a perfect little bookstore in Nova Scotia, Canada, where you can stop by to browse used books, have a cup of delicious coffee, and hang out with rescue cats that are allowed inside. It gets even better: you can take a kitty home with you!

The Otis and Clementine’s Books and Coffee owner Ellen Helmke came up with the idea of rescuing kittens around a year ago. One unexpected consequence of this was the increase of social media buzz about her store, which got her more customers than ever before. People who visit are thrilled to hang out with the cats and they often take photos and post them on social media, spreading the word about this lovely store.

How amazing would it be if every city had a bookstore that’s also a foster home for kittens? Until that happens, head to Nova Scotia if you have a chance and enjoy the adorable atmosphere of this amazing bookstore/café.