3 Things to Do Off-Season in Ostend, Belgium

Sometimes we want to have a quiet vacation, off-season and away from the crowds, but most popular destinations end up pretty boring off-season, with all the interesting attractions and places to visit closed until the summer. Ostend in Belgium is a great example for a summer vacation spot, but still has some interesting points of interest off-season. You can stay in town or go for a day trip from nearby Bruges.

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Belgian Beer and Pirates

In Ostend, the theme is “marine” throughout. Start your visit with a delicious Belgian Beer in a pirate-themed tavern, De Zeegeuzen.

Walraversijde Fishing Village

Spend a great couple of hours walking around this medieval fishing village, first settled in 1200 and inhabited until 1600. It was rediscovered in 1992 and is now restored and open to visitors to wander around and learn about medieval fishing communities’ lives.

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The Atlantic Wall Open-Air Museum

Not your traditional museum, The Atlantic Wall in Ostend is the location of the German bunkers built during the German occupation of Belgium in the first world war and then used in World War II. Walk among the re-staged bunkers, where the functions of various rooms and sites are explained.