Budapest’s Buda Castle is Worth the Visit for More Reasons Than One

Buda Castle, Budapest
Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash

A trip to Budapest is incomplete if you don’t cross to the Buda side and visit one of the city’s most marvelous attractions—Buda Castle. Get ready to spend hours roaming its grounds, because this palace complex happens to be home to many must-see attractions.

Art and Culture

Buda Castle is the place where you can find some of the city’s leading art and cultural intuitions. Budapest History Museum chronicles the life in the Hungarian capital, while Hungarian National Gallery offers one of the most comprehensive collections of Hungarian art in the entire country.

Classic Architecture

Even if you don’t get to see Buda Castle from the inside, you won’t leave disappointed. The architectural richness of this royal complex knows no bounds, and you’ll discover many beautiful façades, sculptures, and monuments while exploring its grounds.

Amazing Views

Just like all of the other attractions of Budapest’s Castle Hill, Buda Castle is known for its amazing views and it’s a great place to take panoramic photos of the city’s Pest side.

Funicular Rides

Buda Castle’s hilltop location may be responsible for its beautiful views, but it also makes it difficult to reach. If you want to make your journey to the top super-exciting, a funicular ride is your best bet.