Asia’s Most LGBTQ-Friendly Destinations

LGBTQ activists in Bangkok.
LGBTQ activists in Bangkok. Photo by Teera Noisakran/Pacific Press/Shutterstock (11006800f)

Although Asia has always been a popular tourist destination for LGBTQ travelers, it is only beginning to cater more and more to this population, making it a perfect time to visit one of the following queer-friendly cities.

Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand is known for vibrant street life and Silom Road, the nucleus of Bangkok’s gay community, is no exception. There is no shortage of hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs to choose from, including atmospheres that range from the quiet and cozy to the loud, wild, and raucous.

Bali, Indonesia

While Indonesia is not necessarily known for being wildly open-minded, Bali is actually very gay-friendly. They’ve got some solid gay bars, as well as some clubs and beaches known for attracting a gay clientele. It’s fun, down-to-earth, and no frills, perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Taipei, Taiwan

Often called the San Francisco of the east, Taipei is rapidly emerging as one of Asia’s most gay-welcoming destinations. The city’s main gay-friendly zone is in the Red House district, full of shops, bars, and restaurants. Gay nights at clubs are consistently sold out and you can even go to gay karaoke bars to sing your heart out. The annual gay pride, which is held in October, is one of Asia’s largest.