How to Get Upgrades on Your Honeymoon While Traveling

Couple on their Honeymoon. How to get upgrades.
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Honeymoons are that one, special vacation that people wait all their lives for and did you know you can make it even more special with upgrades? While it can be a bit awkward to let people know you’re celebrating your honeymoon, how else are you going to get upgrades on hotels, airlines, and restaurants? Here are the best ways to get upgrades while on your honeymoon.


Call in a few days before your flight and mention that you’re traveling for your honeymoon and ask if there are any upgrades available. You may be able to get first-class tickets at a special rate. You can also mention it to the gate agent at the airport when you arrive for your flight.


You’re more likely to get a room upgrade if you give advanced notice, so mention it went booking the hotel.


The best time to tell restaurants that you’re staying there for your honeymoon is when you make reservations. You can also make a note if you’re booking online that you’re coming as part of your honeymoon. It doesn’t hurt to mention it when you arrive as well.

Everything Else

If you’re booking things in advance mention your honeymoon then and if not, just tell the person checking you in or greeting you that you’re celebrating.