Brisbane, Australia is Home to Some Pretty Spectacular Bridges

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

It’s impossible to imagine what Brisbane would look like if it wasn’t built on the banks of the Brisbane River. Most of the city’s most beautiful attractions are built on its shores, including these spectacular bridges that connect Brisbane with its surrounding area.

Story Bridge

One of the city’s most recognizable symbols, the Story Bridge offers some of the most picturesque views of the city skyline and river, and it’s the longest cantilever bridge in all of Australia.

Goodwill Bridge

In addition to being the best pedestrian and cyclist bridges in Brisbane, Goodwill Bridge is pretty popular with photographers and tourists because it leads to a picture-perfect spot near QUT’s Gardens Point campus, decorated with fairy lights.

Victoria Bridge

This bridge connects South Brisbane to the city’s central district and there were several bridges in its place before it was erected in 1969. At this point in time, it only carries buses, pedestrians, and cyclists, and it’s close to the general traffic.

Kurilpa Bridge

Built about a decade ago, this hybrid tensegrity bridge is a true marvel of modern architecture, and it’s best known for its sophisticated LED lighting system.