Arena Mexico: The Home of Lucha Libre in Mexico City

Mexico City is a place where it is nearly impossible to run out of things to do. The vibrant capital of Mexico is a place where culture, nature, gastronomy, and sports meet together to produce a never-ending spectacle of events of interest. Lucha libre is one of Mexico City’s most particular traditions and beloved treasures. A sport in which professional wrestlers don colorful masks and perform high-flying acrobatics to entertain crowds, it was declared an intangible cultural heritage of the Mexican capital in 2018.

The best place to experience lucha libre in Mexico City if you are curious about the sport and its spectacle is, without a doubt, Arena Mexico.

Built in 1956 in the Colonia Dolores neighborhood of the city, this wrestling-specific arena has transformed into the heart of this sport. While it also sometimes hosts boxing matches, this arena’s main focus is lucha libre, holding events every week.

Typically, you will be able to see lucha libre shows at Arena Mexico on Tuesday and Friday nights hosted by the governing body of the sport, the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. Taped for television broadcasts, these fights feature some of the country’s biggest names in lucha libre such as Rush and Kenny Omega.

Affordable tickets for these events can be purchased at the box office, and it represents a fantastic opportunity to take in one of Mexico City’s most unique experiences. Will you visit Arena Mexico on your next trip to the city?