Are Hotel Breakfasts Worth the Cost?

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Staying in a hotel while on vacation can be a really great experience, can’t it? The comfort of a room near all of the attractions in the place in which you are visiting in which you don’t have to clean or make the bed is a luxury, and one that many people choose to take advantage of while traveling. One question that many people have when it comes to hotel breakfasts, however, are whether or not they are worth the cost.

Hotel breakfasts can be found in many forms, from a-la-carte restaurants which costs aren’t included in the room, to expensive room service, to free continental breakfasts. In the case of the latter, obviously, it is worth it to consume your breakfast at the hotel. However, things aren’t always as clear when that isn’t the case.

Many hotels offer an add-on to room rates that include breakfast, and other hotels typically post their menus and their prices online, both of which can help you decide whether or not it’s worth paying for.

One thing to keep in mind is whether or not there are other places to have breakfast near the hotel. If you see that there are cool breakfast spots nearby with cheaper prices than the hotel, it’s a no-brainer to skip the hotel’s offering.

However, if you see that your hotel is not in close proximity to better (or any) options, it might be better for you to make things easier and just eat at the hotel even if you have to pay extra.

Keep an open mind and do your research beforehand, and you won’t have to stress when it comes to deciding your breakfast plans on your next vacation.