3 Stunning Modern Buildings That You Have to See in Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela. An architecture gem
Caracas, Venezuela. Image by Juan Carlos Rodriguez Casmartiño from Pixabay

If you ever find yourself in Caracas, the capital and the largest city of Venezuela, you’ll notice its architecture is a perfect blend of old and new. You’ll stumble upon stunning modern buildings at every turn, and here are some of the very best.

Parque Central Complex

At 225 meters high, the duo of skyscrapers that form Parque Central Complex both rank as the highest buildings in all Venezuela. At the time of their building, they were hailed as the most important urban development in Latin America, and they still stand tall as one of the symbols of Caracas.

Torre de David

The third highest high-rise in the city after the twin towers of Parque Central Complex, Torre de David started building during the 90s, but it remains unfinished and abandoned to this day. Its future remains uncertain, but its rough exterior just adds to its charm and makes it more special.

Alejandro Otero Museum

Alejandro Otero Museum is one of those attractions that will leave you in awe with both its exterior and interior. It’s reminiscent of a glass-covered pyramid on the outside, but the real magic starts when you step in and see how extraordinary the glass paneling looks from the other side.