Add a Dash of Luxury to Your Travels with Carmen Edelson

Here’s something to note: luxury travel isn’t reserved for the rich. These days, it has become more about immersive, authentic experiences, rather than lavish resorts that come with an unattainable price tag. As we reexamine our vacations in the days after Covid, we hope to become more mindful of our practices and lifestyle choices.

Here to help us reexamine these practices is luxury travel influencer Carmen Edelson. Specializing in luxury and family travel, Edelson aims to help others explore the world at ease. A Cuban American originally from New Jersey, growing up Edelson didn’t have the means to travel. In fact, it was only in her early thirties when she got bit by the travel bug, after visiting her family in Spain.

Having launched her blog, Carmen’s Luxury Travel, in 2013, Edelson uses her platform to document her personal trip experiences, whether with her husband, family, or girlfriends. These include exclusive beach hotels to small luxury hotels, weekend spa escapes, cruises, gourmet restaurants, top-notch hotels, tour attractions, and anything that boasts a degree of exclusivity and a dash of luxury.

But her blog will also inspire you to add a dash of luxury to even the most trivial of experiences. A recent blog post, for instance, includes recommendations to unique locations for a picnic, which Edelson describes as a classic summer activity

“The best kind of beach picnic is where you can venture away from the crowds and find your own little cove or bay,” writes the seasoned traveler. “Plan the afternoon for some water activities and catching the sun, and pack some strawberries and spritz. Don’t forget for a beach picnic use a cool box as an alternative to the woven picnic basket to keep things cold and chilled. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion, nowadays you can hire a company to set up a luxury picnic for you on the beach so all you need to do is show up and enjoy this classic summer activity!”

Another relatively cheap option is to take your picnic to a local forest. “Venture out into your local forest to enjoy the atmosphere of birdsongs and nature and burn off some energy exploring,” says Edelson. “After a long day hiking, search to find the perfect clearing in the woods to settle down in. The ideal picnic here would be with a little campfire and basket full of marshmallows and telling old tales.”