From London to Antarctica: Eat Your Way Around the World with Kavey Eats

Kavita Favelle has found a way of marrying two of her biggest passions—food and travel—into one platform. Her blog Kavey Eats focuses on enjoying life, with the caption “the belly rules the mind” welcoming her many followers. Born in London, for the past 25 years Favelle has been traveling alongside her husband Pete, both locally and internationally, as the two document their food experiences online.

Established in 2009, Kavey Eats offers anything from restaurant reviews and travel tips to detailed recipes, meaning you’re covered. “At the start I used to write about home cooking, restaurant reviews, reviews of kitchen appliances, cookery classes and books,” recalled the seasoned blogger in an interview with Perlu. “And I still do all that, but before too long I started introducing the travel content as well.”

According to Favelle, on the travel side, she enjoys writing about culture, cuisine, and history. “So as well as the usual what to see, what to do, where to stay. I really like to put it into context, so that’s my interest in the travel side,” she notes. Some of her international trips include places like Argentina, Ecuador, Iceland, India, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, and two journeys to Antarctica, which she describes as “utterly magical”.

“Antarctica is the most incredible place,” says the blogger. “It really is a trip-of-a-lifetime type of a place”. According to Favelle, what makes it so special is the combination of the fact that it’s so remote, the scenery, and the penguins. “There is nothing like it that I’ve ever experienced anywhere else.”

When it comes to food, she shares recipes, restaurant reviews, cookbooks, and even cooking classes. “When I started back in 2009, there actually weren’t that many of us writing blogs,” says Favelle. “And I was very fortunate to become part of a small community of bloggers that were approached by the food and drink and restaurant PRs in our area in London on a regular basis. It probably took a little more time for my travel content to become known.”

A freelance Business Analyst, Favelle treats blogging as a side job and has also written professionally, contributing over 40 food and travel articles to a luxury food and travel print magazine as well as content for the websites of partner brands. “I love working with brands and trust boards and organizations on bespoke content,” she notes.