A Guide to the World’s Strangest Natural Landscapes

marble caves in Patagonia Chile. Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Our planet is home to some pretty surreal, otherworldly places.  If you feel like checking them out, here is a guide to five of the strangest landscapes to help get you on your route to discovery. 

Huanglong Pools, China

Known locally as the dazzling dragon, Huanglong valley in the heart of China is home to a series of orange limestone pools filled with blue water.  When the sun dashes down on the pools below, the light resembles a glittering serpent.  

Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia

Located at one of the lowest, hottest places on earth, the Dallol Volcano is a psychedelic burst of technicolor.  

Lake Hillier, Western Australia 

Nestled by the sea in western Australia is the surreal 600 meters long luminous pink lake.  Bacteria in the water make it a strange bubblegum color that stays pink even in a bottle.   


Marble Caves, Chile

Also known as the Marble Cathedral, standing in these wonderful caves feel like being on another planet.  Blue swirling patterns adorn the walls while curving tunnels snake into the deep chambers below.  

Rainbow Mountains, Peru

In Peru’s Cusco region is a mountain range known locally as ‘seven-color mountain’.  The mountainous peaks are each composed of multicolored stripes casting off as far as the eye can see.