See What Shanghai is All About

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Shanghai is the biggest city in China and is also the financial hub of the country. Located on the East China Sea, the scenery in the city are just spectacular. There is so much to do and see in the city, from the massive art scene to the culinary world, and all the intricate and slightly quirky facts of the city. Shanghai will give you many once in a lifetime experiences, so start planning your trip with the help of these trips.

Where To Go

There are 10 water towns within the city limits and slightly outside of Shanghai. The area of water towns is called the “Venice of China”, with waterways and canals connecting all the towns since the 11th century. If you want to experience one that is inside of Shanghai itself, visit Qibao in the Minhang District. There are beautiful houses and gardens to see, as well as some amazing street food to try.

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Lujiazui is the financial district of the city with a remarkable amount of beautiful and slightly unnerving skyscrapers. This part of the city is pure luxury, so if you’re looking for fine dining or upscale clubs, this is the area to see.

The City God Temple is located in the old city neighborhood of Shanghai. This beautiful folk temple is definitely something that cannot be missed. And while you’re there, check out the Yu Gardens which are right next to it. This classical Chinese garden has traditional buildings and waterways, as well as a unique feature called the Exquisite Jade Rock. This is a 5-ton boulder that is said to have been rescued from a sunken ship that was on its way to the Bejing Palace.

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If you are traveling with kids, its hard to go without visiting Shanghai Disneyland. Even as an adult, it’s really interesting to go experience the park and see the character everyone has grown up knowing and loving.

Chongming Island is in the northernmost part of the city and is perfect for visitors who love the outdoors. Most of the island is wetlands, but there is also home to a migratory bird reserve and one of only three Confucian temples in all of Shanghai.

What To Eat

There is so much street food all around Shanghai, and just because it’s on the street don’t think that the quality and taste aren’t up to restaurant standard. One dish you have to try without fail is xiaolongbao or steamed buns. You will find these dumplings everywhere in the city, and they are filled with just about anything you can think of.

Cifantuan or sticky rice dumplings is something you will commonly find in Shanghai as well. These are a breakfast dumpling that is essentially a piece of fried dough wrapped in sticky rice and steamed. People have them with all sorts of extras like pickled vegetables.

Scallion pancakes are really popular in Shanghai. These crispy pancakes are stuffed with green onions and fried to perfection, making it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.