5 Stunning Islands Along the Queensland Coast of Australia

Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the world but some of the most breathtaking are on the small islands which line the Queensland coast. Here are 5 of the most magical.

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is located 5 miles off Townsville’s coastline. There’s plenty of magic things to do here from following one of the wonderful snorkel trails to koala spotting in the bush.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. The island contains many natural beauties as well as the Maheno shipwreck, dunes, rainforrests and dingoes.

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the continent. The walking trails on the island will reward you with some of the most breathtaking views you’ve ever seen.

Lizard Island

If you’re planning a holiday fit for the elite, consider heading to Lizard Island. There are 24 private beaches on the island so if you book your stay there, it will feel like you have an island to yourself at times.

Pumpkin Island

Pumpkin Island is a teeny island on the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re feeling super extra, you can actually rent the island out for yourself and your friends.