Things to Keep In Mind Before Paying a Visit to Hobbiton Movie Set

Photo by Thomas Schweighofer on Unsplash

Hobbiton is one of New Zealand’s most stunning attractions – but this also happens to be one of its biggest downsides. Paying a visit to this majestic place, which served as a movie set for Lord of the Rings series, is easier said than done – and here’s a couple of things you should know before you go.

Big Crowds

Hobbiton is the most popular tourist spot in its home country, and you’re certainly not the only Tolkien fan eager to see it. Since you can only visit this place as a part of a tour, there’s always going to be people around you, especially since it’s recommended to stick to your group.

Early Booking

Don’t show up at Hobbiton thinking you’ll buy a ticket on the spot. It’s important to act fast and book them in advance unless you want to risk not seeing the movie set at all – especially if you’re thinking of going for the Evening Banquet Tour, that takes place only twice a week.

Limited Access

If you’re hoping something amazing is waiting for you inside hobbit holes, you’ll be disappointed to find out they’re just for show. Fortunately, you can always have a pint at The Green Dragon Inn or pay a visit to The Shire’s Rest café.