5 Mysterious Landmarks For History Lovers in Cornwall, UK

Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash

Cornwall is known for its surfing and party atmosphere. Often thought of as a young adventurous holiday, you would be forgiven for overlooking some of the most impressive historical sites in England.

These five landmark attractions are definitely worth a visit.

Tintagel: The Home of King Arthur

Steeped in history and legend, Tintagel Castle is a must if you are a fan of old English castles. Thought to be the place King Arthur was conceived, the whole area is shrouded with mystery and history. The castle is half on land and half jettying out onto the jagged rocks above the Cornish sea. You can also explore the caves where Merlin is believed to have lived.

St Nectan’s Glen

Just outside Tintagel, you will find an enchanted path leading to a sacred waterfall. This was thought to be the route that King Arthur led his knights before battle. To this day, you will find the serene gully laden with ritual offerings and gifts for the fairies. 

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

This museum in Boscastle is certainly worth a visit. It holds one of the world’s largest collections of items associated with witchcraft and magic and is packed full of curiosities.  Its quirky natural charm will draw you in and intrigue your mystical side.

The Minnack Theatre

This theatre is one of the world’s most famous outdoor theatres, with thousands of people visiting to experience the surrounding beauty and live performances. The theatre was used in 1944 for the film “Love Story” with Stewart Granger and Margaret Lockwood.

St Michael’s Mount

The castle on Mount Bay looks like a real Disney castle. Surrounded by subtropical gardens and only accessed by a tidal causeway, the place feels magical and enchanted.  It is a place of legend and myths, thought to be a focal point for mermaids luring seafarers onto the rocks.