5 Instagram Friendly Desserts You Should Try in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is home to many colorful attractions, and some of the local desserts are equally picture-perfect. Here are a few you should try if you’re a huge fan of sweet treats.

Donut Milkshakes

Are you a huge fan of donuts, but also love milkshakes? If that’s the case, you should check out Lockal na Petkovšku, because their unique milkshakes are the best of both worlds.

Grefino Ice Cream

Grefino is best known for its waffle ice creams, but that’s not the only sweet treat they have in store. No matter which one you choose, they’re all equally tasty.

Vigò Ice Cream

You’ll never run out of Instagram-friendly ice cream shops in the Slovenian capital, and this one is another extremely popular spot.

Sisters Kurtoš

Chimney cakes are a huge hit in several European countries including Slovenia, and this is where you should try them if you ever find yourself in Ljubljana.

Puffy ‘Lil Pancakes

Pancakes are also easy to find in this city, but none of them compare to Puffy’s tiny, delicious, creations.