What to Buy For Loved Ones Who Don’t Enjoy Travel Souvenirs

Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

Fridge magnets, key chains, and postcards are some of the most popular travel presents, but some people don’t really enjoy getting them. What should you buy for your loved ones who feel the same way?

Something Useful

Not all travel souvenirs are there to look nice and gather dust. Some of them, such as cigarette lighters, pens, and kitchen cloths can be pretty useful so you probably won’t make a mistake by buying them.

Food and Drink

Even if your loved one doesn’t enjoy fridge magnets or snow globes, they probably won’t say no to food and drink. If there’s anything they particularly like—chocolate or beer, for example—they’ll probably be open to trying new products from a foreign country.


Personal Interests

Gifts you get for your loved ones don’t have to be travel-related. Buying them a book or a vinyl record you thought they might like is also an option. Keeping their personal interests in mind is crucial when choosing a perfect gift.