5 Enchanting Locations to Go Wild Swimming in Europe

Sorapiss, Auronzo di Cadore, Italy. Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Few things can equal the thrill and sense of freedom you get from immersing yourself in the natural waters of the great outdoors. Not only is wild swimming great for improving mental and physical health, but it is also a fantastic way of discovering enchanting locations hidden in the open countryside. Here are 5 magical locations in Europe to get you started on your road to discovery.

Purcaraccia Canyon, Corsica

Teetering on the edge of a waterfall is this idyllic natural pool. Slip into its crystal turquoise waters and let the gentle breeze wash over you.

Lake Walchen, Germany

Nestled deep in the Bavarian mountains south of Munich is this astonishing lake. Surrounded by a magnificent forest, bordered by pebble beaches and with lots of offshore islands to explore, this must be on every wild swimmer’s bucket list.

Baggy Point, England

Baggy Point on the Devonshire coast is home to a network of secret sea caves. Take a swim through these natural tunnels and you might even encounter a dolphin or a porpoise.

Lago di Fiastra, Italy

It is said that beneath the glistening waters and sandy beaches of this lake lies an ancient submerged village.

Lac D’Annecy, France

Warmed by subterranean hot springs, the lake in Annecy is a wonder to behold. You can swim in some of the world’s clearest waters beneath the astounding weight and cool magnificence of the Alps.