5 Beautiful Nature Trips in Madeira

Photo by Adam Śmigielski on Unsplash

Madeira is a collection of four islands off the Northwest coast of Africa. May to August are the hottest months to visit but because of its subtropical climate, Madeira is pleasant all year round. This warm weather is perfect for getting outdoors and embracing the amazing nature Madeira has to offer.

Laurissilva Forest

This ancient forest covers an area of 15 thousand hectares. There are many indigenous plants and trees that have been growing for thousands of years. This is a great place to trek and admire the flora and fauna of the island.

Madeira Nature Reserve

This area was created in 1982 as a Bioenergetic reserve and includes the Laurissilva Forest. This is a great place to explore nature that can be found nowhere else in the world. There is so much to see so it is worth getting a local guide or looking at organized excursions.

Santana – World Biosphere Reserve

Located on the North of the Island, UNESCO awarded this area as a reserve, honoring the diversity of the ecosystem and its sustainability. Many of the species are endemic to Madeira and are definitely worth exploring. The landscape is often cited as one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world.

Climb the Highest Summit

For a thrilling mountain climb, Pico Ruivo is the highest summit in Madeira, measuring 1862 meters. There are a number of different paths so as a hiker you can choose the length and altitude of your climb. Make sure you pack extra clothes as weather variations increase the higher you go.

Botanical Gardens

These gardens can be found in Funchal and can be reached via cable car. Enjoy the combination of art and nature. The area is well signposted so you can not only enjoy the flora and fauna, but you can learn its name. Birds of Paradise are particularly beautiful in these gardens.