5 Alternative Things to Do In Beijing, China

Photo by Tom Winckels on Unsplash

So you’ve seen the Great Wall and you’ve been impressed by every temple on your hostel map, but what to do next? Here are five unusual activities you can do in Beijing that will allow you to experience an alternative side of China’s capital.

Watch Kung Fu

The Red Theater hosts kung fu shows, a Chinese martial art which has been a pillar of Chinese culture over the centuries. Head there in the evenings to experience kung fu like you never have before.

Visit The Underground Palace

The Dingling Tomb is an intriguing mausoleum that you can visit North of Beijing. Inside you will find the burial place of the Wanli emperor.

Visit a Family

A site called “Beijing Family Visit” has been set up so that travelers can experience authentic Chinese life by staying with a local family.

Jiankou Great Wall to Mutianyu Great Wall

Instead of taking the tourist route, hike from Jiankou Great Wall for even more breathtaking scenery and less tourists too.

Check Out Minature Beijing

Unless you are planning on moving to the capital, there is no way you can see the whole of Beijing on a short vacation. If you want to view the city in its entirety, your best bet is to check out the impressive miniature model of the city at Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall.