A Guide to the Fabulous Markets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Image via Richie Diesterheft/Wikipeida

The Dominican Republic is bursting with culture. From its colorful food to its even more colorful art, hitting up the markets of Santo Domingo is an essential part of experiencing Dominican culture. Here are the ones you cannot miss.

Mercado Modelo

Mercado Modelo is the largest market in the city. The stalls sell everything from your standard souvenirs to Cuban cigars. You can easily lose an afternoon wandering through the winding vendors, haggling for trinkets and antiques.

Avenida Duarte Chinese Farmer’s Market

Avenida Duarte is the equivalent of Chinatown. The markets here contain authentic Chinese foods and trinkets. The markets are easy to spot because they are beneath the Chinese arches.

Merca Santo Domingo

If you like to cook on your travels, head to Merca Santo Domingo for your fresh produce. The fruit and veg are the freshest of the fresh and are all authentic ingredients for delicious Dominican cuisine.

Pulga de Antigüedades

Every Sunday, you can visit the flea market next to Parque Colón. The markets are bursting with art and antiques and you will be surprised at the variety of items you can find.