4 Tips to Help You Deal with Jet Lag 

Woman yawning
Photo by Karollyne Videira Hubert on Unsplash

Is jet lag messing with your vibe, calmness, or general sense of sanity? No worries! This short but effective list has some great hacks to help you handle time zone changes like a pro and make the most of your travels. Let’s jet-set, shall we?

Time Your Sleep Properly

Start shifting your sleep schedule a few days before your trip. Gradually adjust your bedtime to match your destination’s time zone to slide into the new rhythm of your new location as seamlessly as possible.

Get Moving

Feeling like a zombie? It’s all but unnatural, but you can (and should) shake it off with some action. Take a stroll, stretch it out, or throw a solo hotel-room dance party to wake up your body and get your energy levels up.

Soak Up Sunshine

A great way to reset your internal clock is by catching some sun rays (if they’re available to you). Daylight is your BFF for telling your body it’s time to rise and shine, and it also helps it wind down properly at night.

Hydration is Key

Flying can leave you feeling parched, so keep your hydration game strong. Drink up on H2O and try skipping alcohol until your body fully resets, as it can further mess with your sleep.