4 Stunning Hikes In Greece

Delphi, Greece.
Delphi, Greece. Photo by DiChatz on Unsplash

Greece has something to offer to every kind of walker—from well-seasoned hikers to those who just want to enjoy a leisurely stroll in a beautiful natural setting. Here are a few of Greece’s best hike trails.

Delphi to Kirra Walk, Central Greece

This hike is 14km long but don’t be daunted, all of it is downhill. Follow a centuries-old path starting at Delphi, where you can find a few UNESCO monuments, to the ancient port of Kirra.

Hike to the Tomb of Kleoboulos, Rhodes

This easy and enjoyable 5km round-trip hike takes about two hours to complete. The trail starts just above the main beach and ends at an ancient tomb, which is fascinating to see but does not actually belong to Kleoboulos. The circular tomb was built during the second century BC, long after Kleoboulos ruled Greece.

Menalon Trail, Peloponnese

For the hikers who love a challenge, the 75km Manalon Trail stretches from Stemnitsa to Lagkadia on the Peloponnese peninsula. It is divided into 8 sections of varying difficulty. If you’re looking for a day hike the Stemnitsa–Dimitsan part is the most popular one.

Melinda–Paleohori Trail, Lesvos

This path may be only 1.2km long, but it is incredibly beautiful. It follows the Selandes River then ascends to Paleohori beach, and ends at the village’s olive press.