4 Locations In the Canary Islands for a Sunny Winter Vacation

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

The Canary Islands, located off the coast of West Africa, are a great destination to catch the sun rays all year round. If you are not sure which island to go, consider island hopping, as each one offers a unique tourist destination.


This island is a more peaceful island with spectacular volcanic landscapes. It’s great for families and can offer the best all-inclusive deals. It is a unique area, mainly because of the strong influence of César Manrique. His artwork and creativity can be found all over the island. Check out Jameos del Agua. The cave was once a nightclub but is now home to a unique species of albino crab, which is normally only found at the bottom of the ocean.


This island has more of a lively feel. Partygoers flock to the Strip to dance all night and the Carnaval de Santa Cruz, a huge pre-Lent festival, is known for its music and dancing. This is the largest and most populated island, so there will always be plenty to do. You will find lots of beaches, with sands from yellow to black. 

Gran Canaria

This is largely a rural and mountainous island. There are some busy resort areas, such as La Palma, which is a popular destination for cruise ships and shopping. It’s a great family destination, with over 60 km of beach. This island has also been awarded a World Biosphere Reserve because of its rich Macaronesian flora and extensive pine forests.


This island is often thought of as being the “windy” island, making it a popular vacation for surfers. It is the second biggest island. If you like the heat but want to stay fresh with a cool breeze then this is the destination for you. The white sands and walled sea areas (to stop sharks coming too close) make it great for families too.