Packing Dilemma: How Many Pairs of Shoes Should You Actually Pack?

Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

If you adore shoes and own dozens of different pairs, you probably have to struggle every time you’re packing for a trip. Deciding which ones to bring along may seem like a mission impossible, but you can make the right choice by answering three simple questions?

How Much Space Do You Have?

If you’re traveling light and only have a carry-on by your side, bringing more than two pairs of shoes will be excessive. They weigh the most and take up more space than any other item, so make sure to put the bulkier pair on right away, and pack the lighter one if necessary.

Where Exactly Are You Going?

The best way to save up space in your suitcase is to plan your outfits ahead – and shoes should be an essential part of planning. In addition to taking weather conditions into the account, decide if you’ll be going out or not so you would know if a pair of formal shoes is necessary.

How Much Walking Are You Doing?

Are you going to be using public transportation during your trip or do the most of sightseeing on foot? If you intend to do a lot of walking, make sure to opt for comfortable shoes, preferably in a neutral color that goes great with everything else.