4 Alps Mountains That Are Easy to Climb

Photo by Marco Meyer on Unsplash

Climbing the Alps sounds like a big challenge, but some of its mountains are easier to climb than others. If you’re looking forward to visiting the Alps once the pandemic is over, consider starting with these mountains.

Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso is located in Italy and your reward for climbing it will be the amazing view of the national park that surrounds it. The climb lasts two days but it’s not a particularly challenging one.


Breithorn is estimated to be the most frequently climbed mountain in Switzerland. It only takes a few hours to get to the top and it gets a bit tricky towards the end but it’s still approachable for many different people.

Aiguille du Tour

Aiguille du Tour offers a true alpine experience without being too difficult for an average person. You can climb from either the French side or the Swiss side. The routes are similar and the ascent takes two days. 


Allalinhorn is also one of the easiest climbs in the Swiss Alps. A lift will take you up to the Mittelallalin from where you only need to climb 500 meters to reach the summit. The glacier makes this adventure a little more difficult than it sounds.