3 U.S. Cities to Visit If You like Eating on a Budget

San Antonio. Texas. Photo by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash

If trying out new food is a big part of your travels and you want to do it on a budget, we have three U.S. cities you can visit next.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has a lot to offer, but it’s definitely worth a visit for the food alone. The city offers plenty of affordable restaurants — it has one of the lowest average cost per meal, according to Numbeo.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is known for glorious meals you can eat at the city’s many restaurants and they will cost you from around $11 for a combo.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Though tourists often overlook it in favor of Nashville, Knoxville is a great choice if you want to go on a foodie adventure. With an average meal at an inexpensive restaurant costing around $10, you will have plenty of choices to eat well on a budget.